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Bridging Finance bagholder update

Recovery rates will be low.
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Some more info on Bridging Finance bagholders: TD advisors are the biggest losers, the rumoured number is $400m of client money frozen.  Mark Cheevers, a Toronto-based advisor might hold about $90m in his book alone.  His spiel is "institutional-grade opportunities for non-institutional investors".

Richardson GMP is also rumoured to be a major holder, more than a $100m worth.  Desjardins is another significant victim.  RBC, however, never authorized the funds on its platform. The consensus among the cognoscenti is for recovery rates under 50%.  I have seen a good tally of 8 loans totalling about $800m, all of which are impaired and many of which were to insolvent companies.  That's out of a total assets of $1.8 billion at year-end.  And that's just a start.

What should Bridging Finance’s investors expect? | AUO Advisors
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