Freelance writers and researchers wanted

OPM Wire is looking for paid freelancers to contribute their research and/or storytelling skills to its illustrious, award-deserving body of work. You can bring your own ideas for posts or use our existing backlog of untold stories. Our focus is on Canadian business stories.

OPM Wire is the Wall Street Journal of business news.

-The Financial Times

Although historically, we have only written Pulitzer Prize-worthy pieces, our content strategy is broadening, so if you feel you could write for Wikipedia or better, get in touch via @opmwire on Twitter or by email.

Why you should do this

OPM Wire is an excellent training ground for any writer. We will share the tactics that make our posts so popular (a process we are still improving). You can also write with considerably more freedom. You can write critical posts about anything worth criticizing. You don't have to worry about offending any advertiser. OPM Wire mixes facts and opinion, seriousness with humour and we are fine with slang, despite the fact that we know all the best words. In sum, you are not limited by the arbitrary strictures of traditional journalists (aka normojournos). Who, if it wasn't clear before, we repudiate in the strongest terms possible.

The process

Contact us by any of the usual means. As a starting point, all we need is to see a representative sample of any previous writing you have done (on any topic). The main criteria is an understanding of the world of business combined with good writing and/or research ability. You can choose to focus on writing, researching or both. An editor and a researcher will be available to collaborate, as needed, throughout the process from idea generation to publishing.

The terms

When working with a freelancer, we will agree upfront, in each case, on a story, a scope of work and a payment. The scope of work could be anything from basic research to a fully finished post. We use a pay grid based on the complexity of the work. Upon payment, you agree to transfer all the rights in the work product to OPM Global LP.

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