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Hedge fund manager Shawn Kimel donates $21m to Mount Sinai Hospital

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Arbitrageur Shawn Kimel, founder of hedge fund K2 and his partner Kate Schatzky have gifted $21m to Sinai Health, aka the Toronto Mount Sinai Hospital. Shawn was treated at the hospital for a severe brain injury stemming from a bike accident in 2017. This will lead, among other initiatives, to the redeveloped Kimel Schatzky Intensive Care Unit.

This is on top of the many more millions various members of the Kimel family have given over the years. Shawn’s father Ron Kimel is a real estate mogul, reputed to be a billionaire. Judging by the size of loans he makes, that might well be accurate. Shawn’s uncle Warren Kimel is the President of retail chain Fabricland (slogan: Sew much more than a fabric store). Warren’s wife Debbie is on the board of Sinai Health. And Kate Schatzky is involved in charitable work for the homeless.

The K2 hedge fund is 80% made up of family wealth and specializes in arbitrage, opportunistic and event-driven investing. The Kimel family is uber-wealthy and secretive. I’ll have to write about all this at some point. Tell me everything you know about them.

The Sinai Health board is a powerhouse of wealth and power: Board of Directors - Sinai Health. I hope nothing I have ever written will preclude me from one day being invited to serve.

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