Newton Glassman and Catalyst Capital have lost again

A complete loss for Newton Glassman!

A complete loss for Glassman - his two actions (Defamation and Wolfpack) were dismissed and he failed to have the West Face counterclaim dismissed.

Warning: this document is extremely dense, I encourage you to just move on with your life. This decision is mostly about legal interpretation, nothing very new is being revealed.

The core of the decision is at paragraphs 426 to 470, and especially paragraph 431, 448, 449-455, 462 and 467. This might be a highlight:

"...permitting the Catalyst Parties to proceed with their lawsuit in the circumstances of this case would be tantamount to condoning the litigation and associated ethically dubious investigative strategies employed by the Catalyst Parties."

Catalyst Reasons for Decision by OPM Wire

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