Vaccine tourist Rod Baker of Great Canadian Gaming fame

Can he avoid the slammer?
OPM 1 min read

I now turn to a more conventional storyline of a white man endangering an indigenous population.  Rod Baker, the former CEO of Great Canadian Gaming had his first court hearing for his breach of quarantine rules in the Yukon.  You may recall that in January, Rod and his wife Ekaterina chartered a plane to Beaver Creek (population: 93) in order to queue-jump their way to a Covid vaccination.  This was shortly after Rod sealed a $2 billion+ deal to sell Great Canadian Gaming.

If convicted, the Bakers face up to 6 months in prison and/or a fine of up to $2,300.  The lawyers are talking and I predict a plea bargain by the time the matter is heard again on May 18th. Rod did not appear himself and he is represented by Jennie Cunningham (not to be confused with Jenny Coco).  Her practice has spanned the spectrum of prestige from legal aid to the Supreme Court. First Nation groups are calling for jail time, given how tiny the fine is compared to a net worth measured in the many tens of millions. Crown attorney is Kelly McGill, who in the cases I have seen, has primarily pushed for fines. Will Jennie keep Rod out of the big house?  My Yukon criminal law is weak, but if I had to bet, I think she will pull it off.

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